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As the food industry has evolved over the years, consumers have more accessible and convenient outlets to buy groceries, dine in, or carry out. While there are many advantages to this ever-changing industry, a large gap exists in the understanding of food production from farm to fork. In addition, consumer perceptions are influenced beginning at an early age. Education is the solution to bridge this gap between farm to fork. Through completion of the POULT Program, students will gain knowledge on the turkey and food industries to create their own scientifically based perceptions. The POULT Program provides STEM-based classroom materials to teachers that will stimulate student excitement and interest, as well as increase agricultural literacy. We hope you and your students enjoy the program!

Module 1: Introduction to the Turkey Industry

Module 1: Introduction to the Turkey Industry

In this module, students will explore agriculture and identify important agricultural events in U.S. history. The importance of turkey production is emphasized, including the history of turkey farming and its progression over time.

Module 2: Production: From Farm to Fork

Module 2: Production: From Farm to Fork

This module will challenge students to learn the steps involved in turkey production. Emphasis is placed on what turkey eat, stages of growing and processing, and sustainable practices.

Module 3: Turkey: Anatomy and Physiology

Module 3: Turkey: Anatomy and Physiology

This module includes discussion on the basic parts and function of the turkey digestive tract. Students will differentiate between male and female turkeys and describe the egg laying cycle and embryo development. Module 3 also contains a simulation game that allows students to choose a character and move through a turkey's digestive system.

Module 4: Animal Welfare: Happy and Healthy Turkeys

Module 4: Animal Welfare: Happy and Healthy Turkeys

Animal welfare is very important for the turkey industry. In this module, students will engage with the “Five Freedoms” associated with animal welfare and how to take care of turkeys. Topics will also include proper biosecurity practices required to keep turkeys and humans safe and free of disease.

Module 5: Dietary Benefits - Why Eat Turkey

Module 5: Dietary Benefits: Why Eat Turkey

This module focuses on the role of turkey in a healthy diet. Topics include the types of nutrients, health benefits of eating turkey, and the wide variety of turkey products. Students will even develop nutritious turkey recipes that can be shared later in their homes.

Simulation Game

Simulation Game

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Benefits of the POULT Program

This STEM-based curriculum includes five online modules containing a mixture of content, including video, text, and questions. The POULT modules were designed to align with 4th and 5th grade Indiana and national school learning standards.


Engage students in STEM.


Increase awareness and understanding of the turkey industry.


Expose students to where their food comes from.


Fun and free activities to meet Indiana Academic Standards.

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